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If you or a client are concerned about a skin condition,
lesion or mole, you can now wave goodbye to an 18 week
wait to see a dermatologist! You can get a diagnosis,
information about your condition and an effective
treatment plan from the UK’s largest dermatology
practice with MySkinDoctor - within 3 days!

MASCED Awareness Pack

MASCED Awareness Pack

Now available to purchase

Raise awareness in your salon or workplace with this professional prevention and early detection awareness display, containing quality, life-saving information and resources to give to your clients.

Each MASCED Awareness Pack Contains:

  • 1 x Skin Cancer Prevention A3 Showcard, highlighting the importance of Sun Safety
  • 1 x Skin Cancer Early Detection A3 Showcard, highlighting the importance of checking our skin for signs of change
  • 100 x Sun Safety and Skin Cancer A6 booklets - 20 pages of vital information about the risks of UV, skin cancer prevention, how to check your skin for change and how to spot the early signs of skin cancer and melanoma
  • 50 x durable, plastic mole rulers with prevention and early detection tips and advice
  • 1 x MASCED Accredited A5 Showcard AND 1 x MASCED Accredited Window Sticker to promote your achievement!
Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Booklet

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Booklet

20 page pocket sized booklet all about UV,
skin cancer prevention and early detection

Self examination body mapping chart

Self Examination Body Mapping Chart

Keep a record of any changes to your skin with this handy
body mapping chart with skin surveillance tips


The MASCED Guide

Need another copy of your MASCED Guide to
reinforce and refresh your knowledge?

MASCED promotional leaflet

MASCED Promotional Leaflet

Help us promote the MASCED Accreditation programme
to other hair, health and beauty industry professionals


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